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Equipment and service for HoReCa channel

Kitchen equipment

Arranging all types of professional kitchens with complete solutions, from planning and organization to execution and assembly of the kitchen to achieve greatest savings in energy and business optimization.

 Equipping with high-quality devices and stainless-steel elements tailored made according to the highest standards quality and safety.

Catering equipment

Ice makers, dishwashers, custom-made refrigerated display cases and various others devices adapted to customer requirements.

 Refrigerated showcases are custom made to preserve the durability of products such as drinks, meat and dairy products to bakery products..


There are numerous bars which we made of various materials: Corian, Kerrock, wood, stainless steel, etc.

Each bar is adapted for each valued customer.

Installations are done quickly and professionally in all parts of Croatia, and if necessary also outside Croatia.


Gastro service company provides service and maintenance, as well as other logistics for all products from the group.


Gastro service based its success on continuous investment in business, and on production in in accordance with customer requirements.



Gastro servis d.o.o. company was founded in 2005 as a related company of Gincops d.o.o. with the aim of completing the assortment in the segment of professional equipment and services for the HoReCa channel.


In 2013, we started with a project approach to production. After strengthening of our team with mechanical engineers, We have integrated development into production. Some of the Croatian food factories have chosen us to build their production capacities.


In 2018, we decided to invest in more modern production equipment and acquired the most modern stainless steel processing machines for bending and cutting/piercing.


In 2021, Gastro employs 15 employees qualified for equipment maintenance and production. We are one of the leading companies on the market for refrigerated display cases, catering equipment, dedicated cooling devices, and process and pharmaceutical equipment.

We offer complete solutions: construction, product development, technological planning, production, installation and maintenance.


In 2022, we decided to purchase a Fiber Laser for cutting pipes and plates, a deburring machine and a drawing program.

Our quality and goals in the development of production with machines that do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere were recognized by the Norwegian fund Innovation Norway and provided us with grant in the realization of the project.

In this moment, Gastro service company team consists of experts in the fields of mechanical engineering, economics and electronics, and we continue to invest in the quality and expertise of our team.




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